Hari is a rhythmic wonder and charismatic front man and vocalist. Deep lyrics often sprout from this lad who has definitely been here before! Formerly in the band The Cosmic Crumpets, Hari achieved infamy following his dramatic and memorable appearance on Channel 4’s ‘First Dates’ TV show.

Oh and he can freestyle lyrical ideas on-the-spot! 


Helena adds a sonic purity and beauty to the band with her backing vocals. A fine single malt blend alongside Hari's main vocal. Helena was previously in the bands DoveStone, GhostSong and Orpheus & The Rainbow.


Marty shreds, umm and adds extra chordal wonders to help the musical world of Woski reach the parts other bands don't reach. Marty also creates and produces his own instrumental music of many styles with over 350 original songs under his belt.


Max gives the band a tasty low end to build upon. Listen out for his pre gig warm-up licks. Awesome ain't the word. Max was also in the band The Cosmic Crumpets with Hari and is currently also in the band Haha Sick.


Wiz is the percussive genius who gives the band the steady beat it needs to sonically explore the outer realms of reality or otherwise. Former bands: Boom Mantra, DoveStone, Electronic Voice Phenomena, Infinite Void Structure, GhostSong and Orpheus & The Rainbow.

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